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Wouldn’t it be special if there was some way we could meet and have a good chat together?

Even better if you could drop by for a “cuppa” — what we Aussies call sitting down for a chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

Sadly, this is out of the question.  However, we hope as you read some of the materials we’ve posted, you will feel like we’re in conversation together.   Feel free to continue the conversation via the Contact Form.

If there’s one thing we’d like you to know, it’s this – the greatest thing in all the world is knowing Jesus and sharing life with Him.

We have come to know Him – not just as the greatest Person who ever lived or the greatest Teacher – but as our Saviour, our Master and our closest Friend and Companion.

And He’s just so much more.  He’s the One to whom God has given authority over all things in heaven and on earth.

Do you know Jesus personally?  Have you ever opened your heart and put your trust in Him?

If you haven’t, don’t delay because you are missing out on the greatest experience imaginable.  Taking this step we can assure you will have outcomes that will transform your entire life and destiny.

Thanks for giving us the honour of your visit.  God bless you!