Bible Study Series

Bible Study Series

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2 Corinthians – HTML

  1. Introduction
  2. Teaching #1: Paul and opposition
  3. Teaching #2: Paul and sufferings
  4. Teaching #3: Paul, truthfulness and integrity
  5. Teaching #4: Paul and holiness

God’s attributes

  1. God is Gracious   PDF |HTML
  2. God is Great
  3. God is Holy
  4. God is Love, No. 1
  5. God is Love, No. 2
  6. God is Love

Holy Spirit and Ministry

  1. The Spirit and our worship and prayer
  2. The Spirit and our spiritual growth
  3. The Spirit and relationships
  4. The Spirit and our ministries

Knowing Christ

  1. KNOW Christ
  2. Know CHRIST
  3. Know the Power of His Resurrection
  4. Sharing in His sufferings
  5. Becoming like Him in His death

Spiritual Warfare

  1. God’s Mighty Victory Plan
  2. God’s Present Work of Conquering His Enemy and Ours
  3. Aggressive Warfare in Evangelism

Life and Ministry of Jesus

A series of lectures:

  1. Life and Ministry of Jesus
  2. Divine preparations
  3. John Prepares for Jesus’ Ministry
  4. Jesus face to face with the adversary
  5. Jesus the Proclaimer
  6. Jesus the Miracle Worker
  7. Jesus as Disciple-Maker
  8. Jesus Son of God, Son of Man
  9. Jesus the Teacher
  10. Jesus’ teaching re. salvation
  11. Jesus’ teaching re. forgiveness
  12. Jesus’ teaching re. blessed life
  13. Jesus’ example & teaching re. prayer (2 lectures)
  14. Jesus’ teaching re. money & possessions
  15. Jesus’ teaching re. last days
  16. Jesus’ teaching re. last days — Extra Notes
  17. Jesus heads for the final conflict in Jerusalem
  18. Jesus’ final entry to Jerusalem
  19. Jesus’ arrest & crucifixion
  20. Jesus’ resurrection & ascension

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