The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

Scripture: Matt.6:9-13


  1. Jesus’ teaching for His disciples about prayer – both foundational to all Christian praying and also connected with all biblical prayers – eg “Hallowed be Your name” is deeply connected with all OT prayers of praise and adoration of God our King
  2. Yet Jesus’ prayer is uniquely our Christian family prayer:
    1. FATHER – this is at the very centre of the prayer – a word that speaks about a relationship of “Father” with “children” – this is Jesus’ prayer for those who belong to His eternal family
    2. Father in heaven – not only an “address” word (i.e. about where God lives) but also a “distance” word (i.e. distinguishing His place from ours) – yet through Jesus’ teaching, we learn how God in “heaven” desires to be connected with His people on “earth” through our praying
    3. Our/us – praying both for those we know but also for “all the saints” (Eph.6:18) – and also praying for our own personal needs
  3. Jesus’ prayer focuses upon six requests – this teaches us that at the very heart of Christian prayer is God’s invitation to present our requests to God –  “asking” is a positive word in our Christian prayer language – in this way God reveals Himself as our Father who delights us His children His good and abundant gifts
  4. Jesus’ prayer is divided into two sections – giving Christian prayer a definite order of priority:
    • First, prayers and requests pertaining to God’s honour, interests and desires
    • Second, prayers and requests pertaining to our needs


Core request

God’s character




May Your name be exalted

Holiness, glory and honour


Reverential worship

God’s name = His character and reputation: who He is, how He acts

May Your Kingdom come

Sovereignty and omnipotence


Wholehearted loyalty

God’s Kingdom = His absolute reign now and in the future over all

May Your will be done on earth



Restful submission

God’s will = His good, pleasing and perfect will

Give us our daily bread


Sons / children

Childlike dependency

Daily bread = both our physical, emotional and spiritual needs, eg daily help of God’s Spirit

Forgive us our sins



Honest humility

Our sins = all sin known and unknown including the sins of the heart – based upon our willingness to forgive others

Save us from the tempter



Persevering hope

The evil one = we are in a constant fight with the powers of the kingdom of darkness for which we need God’s divine help and intervention



  1. Prayer is first and foremost about God and His plans and purposes, not primarily about ourselves and our desires and needs
  2. Praying Jesus’ prayer blesses many including ourselves – the sense of privilege that God gives to us to share with Him in His work
  3. So then, what if we don’t pray this prayer? 
    1. God will continue to work His wonders through the prayers of others – He won’t be frustrated in the accomplishment of His eternal plans
    2. However, we will suffer loss and deprive ourselves of the overflowing joy and thanksgiving through sharing in our Father’s plans and work through our prayers
  4. Our response:
    1. Be faithful in prayer (Rom.12:12c) – keep constant in making these requests to Father
    2. Be full of faith in prayer (Matt.21:22) – keep constant in faith, believing in God that He is answering these prayers in ways that far exceed our farthest imaginations

Graham Roberts

Hornsby, NSW, Australia

May 28, 2007

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