10 Core Truths in the Gospel that keep filling me with great joy

10 Core Truths in the Gospel
that keep filling me with great joy

  1. God’s having mercy on me, a sinner – sending His beloved and only Son to die in my place on the cross, so that I might live with Him forever
  2. God’s taking the initiative to reach out to me in grace – Jesus bearing God’s wrath and judgment in my place
  3. God’s forgiving all my sins, past, present and future – a finished sacrifice that satisfied the Father’s wrath in full
  4. God’s removing all barriers that once separated me as a sinner from His holy Presence – reconciling me to Himself, making me His friend, removing all enmity that kept me alienated from His holiness – making peace between God and me through Jesus’ blood shed on the cross
  5. God’s lavishing His great love upon me – His pure and holy love – not allowing anything to separate me and His love
  6. God’s knowing me through and through – in all my humanity and frailness, my sinful thoughts and desires, my personality and physical weaknesses – in love accepting me as I am and welcoming me into His eternal family – then working to conform me to the likeness of Christ, changing me on the inside from glory to glory in preparation to be presented before His throne faultless and with exceeding joy
  7. God’s declaring me to be His beloved son – establishing a new relationship between myself and Himself, giving me the full right of sonship as a co-heir with Jesus – blessing me with every spiritual blessing in Christ forever
  8. God’s generously and abundantly giving me the gift of His Spirit –the “seal” and “down payment” in lieu of His giving me and all His people my complete salvation on that Last Day, my Helper, Guide, Strength and Power abundantly sufficient to help me in any and every situation and need in this life
  9. God’s setting me apart from the world to be exclusively His – making and recreating me for His holy purposes – committing to me the honour of serving in the labours of His kingdom
  10. God’s filling me with a certain hope in the face of human despair – promising me that He will lead me safely home, taking my hand and leading me through the valley of the shadow of death into the eternal bliss, and so I will dwell in the LORD’s house forever

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