Good News about GOD for our Muslim friends

Good News about GOD for our Muslim friends

What is God’s true name?  He’s called by many names in many cultures and societies.  Many also misuse his name, especially when angry!

Is His name Allah?  Or God?  Or is that really the main issue?  I don’t think so! 

With you and me, we were all given a particular name.  It is highly likely that there are other people with the exact same name as yours and mine somewhere in the world.  (I know there are many people with my name!)  The real issue is: Who’s the person behind each name?  What is he or she really like? 

And that’s the decisive issue with the name, Allah or God – not the word by which He is known or addressed, but what does His name stand for?  What is He like?  For example, is anger His primary trait?  Does He demand His followers to be absolutely perfect?  Or does He look the other way when they do evil or wrong?  In fact, what is wrong in His eyes?

What is your mental picture of God?  What He is really like?  I’m not asking you just to repeat what you have read in your Holy Book.  Rather what thoughts come to mind when you think of God – fear or delight?  Have you ever read the Bible to see who God is?  

The Bible teaches us that the true God above all gods is holy.  He is totally different in every way from any human being.  He is absolutely perfect.  His ways and His standards are absolutely different and far greater than our human ways or standards. 

And because He is so great and holy and we are so unholy, God cannot relate to us unless first we allow Him to rescue us from our imperfect and unholy ways.  You see, He is so holy, so totally pure and righteous that nothing in any way tainted by evil (and that includes you and me!) can ever approach His majesty, without first being renewed and made holy.

Let’s face the music – it’s impossible for any of us, even the most pious and religious zealots, to come anywhere near His glorious presence.  We may think that God must be pleased with us because we’ve been religious or done lots of good things to please Him.  But God sees not just our outward actions but right down into our hearts.  The hearts of everyone, even of “holy men” and “saints,” are riddled with thoughts, attitudes and desires that are greatly displeasing to God. 

Our hope to be accepted by God looks hopeless.  And it is . . . except for one, all-important fact – God Himself so desires us to know Him, enjoy Him and be with Him that He already remedied our hopeless situation . . . forever.  For anyone who will believe and receive His remedy as a gift. 

What He has done shows us yet another unbelievably amazing truth about God – His heart is full to overflowing with grace, mercy and love, never turning His back on us because we have rebelled against His laws. 

Here is how God showed His love for all of us – He sent His Son Jesus to earth.  For what reason?  So that He could live a perfect life in order that He could become our perfect Substitute suffering and dying in our place, in order that God could erase our sins from His sight for ever.

This is the story about Jesus – God coming down to earth so that we could go to live with Him forever.  What we could not do to please God – that is, to live a perfect and holy life – Jesus has done for us, in our place.

This is what God is like – perfect, holy, righteous, great, yet also great in His love and mercy for us ordinary and weak human beings.  We can ever know and understand God’s true nature with our human minds.

Knowing this God is GOOD News!  But we’ll only ever know it as GOOD News if we personally believe and welcome it.  We need to believe who God is in truth, and what He has done for the entire human race so that we might be reconciled to Him. 

Believing this message involves two simple steps: firstly, renouncing your own ideas and beliefs about God, and secondly, opening your heart to receive Jesus as God’s most precious Gift to you.  Believing is easy, if we will humble ourselves.  It’s impossible, if we reject God’s greater wisdom.    

But remember that believing in Jesus is the one and only key that will open the gates into God’s eternal home for you – if only we could catch even a glimpse of Jesus, as He is now, in all His wonderful glory in heaven! 

Who would ever want to miss such an amazing privilege and honour, with everlasting blessings?  I’m so looking forward to being with Jesus.  Any cost you and I may need to pay in order to receive this priceless gift is certainly worth it – eternally. 

Graham Roberts

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