How about some GOOD news for a change?

How about some GOOD news for a change?

The media rarely feeds us good news, does it?

It’s time to hear some really GOOD NEWS.  And there isn’t any good news that can surpass this:

“This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.”1

A genuine and true LOVE message instead of news about hate-filled acts of one person or group against another.

What’s more, this GOOD NEWS is totally reliable because it comes to us from God’s trustworthy media source, the Bible.  It’s not a story riddled with human bias.  It’s the one message we can trust and believe without hesitation.

What’s more, instead of leaving you depressed (isn’t that the way we often feel after watching the evening news?), God’s GOOD NEWS gives us incredible and lasting hope.

The verse I just quoted from the Bible was written by a man named John.  He was the closest personal friend of Jesus, God’s Son, about whom he was writing.  He knew that what he was writing was absolutely true.  He had shared life with Him day in and day out for three years.

After observing Jesus’ life and hearing His teaching, John summarised the truth in one, bold word: LOVE.  How awesome is that!  John knew Jesus wasn’t a fake or His words mere prattle.  He knew supernatural LOVE in action was the very essence of this Man’s entire life.

So which news source are you listening to?  The news media with their bad news reports or God’s telling us His GOOD NEWS?  Or some other religious guru?  You need to switch to God’s channel and believe His story.  It will revolutionise your life beyond your wildest dreams.

If you open your mind and heart not only to listen but also to believe God’s GOOD NEWS of love for all people including you, you’ll then discover it’s all for real.

It’s not more complicated than just that.  Make this simple request to God: “God, I need Your love more than anything else in all the world.  And I want to receive it.  I now open my heart to believe and receive Your GOOD NEWS message of LOVE come down to earth in Jesus.”

Believe me … you won’t find any other GOOD NEWS to compare with GOD’S GOOD NEWS.

It’s yours right now . . . just for the asking!


If you would like to talk with someone about God’s love, please write Graham . . .

John the Apostle’s words may be found in his first letter, chapter 4, verse 9

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