GOOD NEWS (Injil): Your Judge can become your best Friend

GOOD NEWS (Injil):
Your Judge can become your best Friend


How will it be when a person stands before God the Judge?  Will God let him in?  Or will he get struck down big-time?  What a difference it would make if he could live free of this dark cloud of uncertainty, never knowing whether his “good deeds” will outweigh his “bad deeds!” 

Did you know that you can settle this matter once and for all so you can begin to enjoy living?  Yes, that’s TRUE!    

Deep down we’re aware that one day we’ll all stand before God our Judge.  But have you heard that He has made a way so that you can overcome this uncertainty in the life on earth?

If you are not certain how your parents will deal with you here in this life, would you leave this matter for the after-life?  Or would you go now and talk with your parents?  And if you ask them to help make this matter certain, again will they leave your question until the after-life?  Wouldn’t they be quick to give you relief from your uncertainty?  Be sure that God is more loving than your parent. How absolutely awesome is that! 

This means, that when you stand before God’s Throne on Judgment Day, you will be welcomed into His heaven, not condemned and cast out.  Even now you can know the outcome.  There is nothing to fear.

But how can this be, you ask?  Well, if this is your question, you need to listen to Christ.  He is the only One who believes that people should not be left in uncertainty.  If Satan caused Adam and Eve to be expelled from the Garden, Someone also who is greater than Satan can rescue them and take them and their descendants to their original state of relationship with God. 

If Satan and sin are harming people in this life, a just and loving God wouldn’t stay indifferent towards this, but immediately like a parent would intervene and save people.  If you understand and accept this, be sure that you are accepting the words of the Gospel (Injil).  The Gospel says: Jesus came to save the world.  Like a parent who goes quickly to rescue his child, so God sent Jesus in order to rescue us from the fear of death and from everlasting punishment. 

Whatever you may have heard about Jesus, here’s the vital fact – He was born in this world, not to be a great Teacher and Prophet, or even to die as a martyr.  He was born to release people from sin and Satan, and to lead them to God here in this life and for eternity, and to write this certainty upon their hearts. 

All prophets died, but Christ Jesus is alive in heaven now.  Don’t you believe the One who is in heaven can be the only One to lead people to heaven?  Jesus said to His followers:  “Do not your hearts be troubled.  Trust in God; trust also in me…I am going there (heaven) to prepare a place for you…I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am” (The Gospel of John, chapter 14, verses 1-4)

God did this, because He loves us and wants us to be with Him.  He just asks us to believe and accept His plan of love.  If you do, your debt of “bad deeds” is wiped totally from His records in heaven, for all eternity.  Then when your day comes to meet your Maker, you’ll see God’s smile and hear His welcome: “Come, enter your rest, My child.” 

These are the words of Jesus in the Gospel: “I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.” (The Gospel of John, chapter 5, verse 24)  Isn’t this GOOD NEWS? 

All these years you thought your eternal destiny was all up to you – how often you prayed, how good you were!  Believing that keeps you out of heaven because NOTHING you could ever do, even in a million life-times of trying, would ever make you good enough for God.  If you keep on traveling down this road, a terrible fate awaits you after you die, a fate far more terrible than you could ever contemplate. 

Whereas God’s GOOD NEWS for you in JESUS is far, far more wonderful than any of us could ever possibly imagine. 

Is there any reason for you to wait even one more day before accepting God’s most precious and amazing gift– forgiveness instead of judgment?  Throw away your hope in what you can do – your good deeds, your obedient following of religious rules and laws – as the way to find peace with God.  Instead put your hope in God alone = in what He has already done for you through Jesus’ death and resurrection. 

There’s nothing to compare with being absolutely certain that all will be well when you stand before God’s Judgment Throne.  It’s almost too good to be true.  But it is true!  Believe it, and you’ll discover for yourself how true it is.


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