I am loved… and so are you!

I am loved… and so are you!

Life’s greatest gain is to be loved.  Life’s greatest pain to be unloved.

We crave love.  That’s the way we’ve been “wired.”  Our hearts cannot be at peace until we taste and know true love.

All of us pursue this kind of genuine love.  We pursue it in different ways.  Where can we ever find this true love?  In romantic relationships?  Our popular songs sound out the message of broken love relationships and the pain people suffer.

When you think about it, no other human being has the capacity to meet our deepest need of love.  What about you and me?  Can we satisfy the love needs of those closest to us?  Impossible!  There is only one who can do this.  “God is love.”  This is the truth.  He is the one and only Source of true love.  To know Him is to know love.

Hey, don’t stop reading thinking I’m just talking religious stuff!  If there is one thing in life that I want to tell you, it is this: Knowing God personally means being loved like you can’t imagine.  It’s absolutely incredible.  I’ve experienced it and I know He wants to lavish His love also on YOU.

God loves us in real, everyday ways, right where the rubber touches the road.  In a world where we often face the agony of being rejected by others, being hated by some just because we look different or may think differently, it’s an amazing miracle to know that the great Creator of the universe loves me personally.

Sometimes people act in ugly ways towards us, and it hurts real deep.  Why?  Because we long for acceptance.  What does God say to those He accepts?  “You are My treasured possession.”  Knowing this does wonders within!  This truth has the power to lift us out of the doldrums of depression and sadness.  Even when other people reject us or even hate us, it’s enough to know that God loves me! 

But there so much more to His love.  His love is the love of a perfect Father or Husband, providing generously for our daily needs, coming alongside when we are distressed by some trauma, showing us the way when we need to make a tough decision in life, working to stop us making foolish choices that could destroy our lives.  The list could go on and on.

Why?  Because God’s love for us is “great”, “eternal”, “overflowing,” “undying”.  It’s like a mighty ocean – it can never dry up.

But love always involves a choice!  It is no love where love is demanded of us or forced upon us.  Love is only true when it is given without conditions and willingly with freedom. 

Tragically sometimes someone might want to show us love but we aren’t prepared to receive that love.  We can close the door of our hearts to genuine love advances – questioning the motive, fearing the consequences.  But in the end, we are the losers. 

The truth is that our great Creator God is always giving love.  He has always loved the human race that He made in His own image.  And He also longs to pour out His love upon us generously, fully.

God’s greatest display of true love is recorded for us in these words: “For God so loved the world that He sent His only Son so that we might not perish but have everlasting life.”

Jesus is God’s Son.  He is God’s priceless love gift to you and me – to everyone.  Jesus was born so that through Him, God could give us one of the greatest gifts of love imaginable – the cancellation of our debt of sin in God’s sight.   

Here’s something to take seriously: God loved you that much that He wanted to remove every barrier to your experiencing the fullness of His love.  And this is exactly what happened when He allowed His Son to die in our place just outside the city wall of Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. 

This is why He can offer you and me genuine love.  But we can only know the reality of this love if we open our hearts to receive it.  That should makes sense to us.  Isn’t that the way it is in any relationship?  How often have you closed your heart to someone who has wanted to love you?  Love is a gift offered … and a gift to be received.  

What stops you right now from receiving God’s love?  It’s a genuine offer.  It’s real, not phoney.  And it will utterly change your life forever.  Don’t miss out on the greatest moment in your life.   Don’t hold back by thinking such thoughts like:  It can’t be real!  Or, I’m too unlovely!  Or, how can I know for sure? 

Take God at His Word.  Prove that His gift of love for you is absolutely for real by opening your heart to receive Jesus and His death for you as His greatest love gift. 

You can say something like the following to God just where you are: “God, I don’t understand very much about Your love.  I’m not even sure who You are.  Sometimes I feel confused.  I know I don’t deserve to be loved.  But I long to experience true love.  I now put my trust in You.  Thank you for loving me so much that you sent Jesus so that You could remove the sin barrier that has separated me from You.  Help me now as I open my heart to receive Your love.  Touch my life with Your love, God.”

If you open your heart up to God, be sure of this: God will pour His love into your heart.  No, it won’t mean warm, fuzzy feelings all the time.  But that isn’t true love anyhow.  His love for you will take you through all the way to the end.  Nothing in this world will be able to stop the flow of God’s love to you. 

That’s His promise.  And it’s for real.  Don’t miss out on the best love of all!
God’s love!

If you have any questions or comments about what you have read, please write to us.

The best thing you could tell me would be that you have made life’s greatest choice – to welcome God’s love into your life.

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