February 6.

February 6.


“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills.” – Ps. cxxi.1.


God’s care of me is divine. When I look up to the hills, what standard is it that I see advancing to my relief?  Is it the wolf of Benjamin, or the hind of Naphtali, or the serpent of Dan, or the lion of the tribe of Judah?  No, it is the banner of the Lord of Hosts.  And there is nothing—nothing at all—which He cannot do on my behalf.

God’s care of me is particular and minute.  “He is thy Keeper, O my heart”—thine, as though thou wert alone in all His universe.  He knows thy separate case, thy necessities, thy temptations, thy foes.  He calleth thee by name.  He has millions upon millions for whom to undertake, but He never for one moment forgets thee.  Thou dost live day and night in His thought and love.

God’s care of me is spiritual.  My deepest needs are the needs within.  My sorest troubles are my sins.  My most urgent poverty is not the poverty of bread but the poverty of grace.  So for my soul, not for my body only, He provides.  In the gospel, in Jesus Christ, in the Holy Ghost, He spreads a table for it, and its winter and its bankruptcy are at an end.

And God’s care of me is eternal.  From this time forth and for evermore, He will keep my going out and my coming in.  Death and the grave will not terminate His love.  My exodus from this world, my entrance into the untrodden world beyond—He charges Himself with the supervision of both.  Then as well as now, there as well as here, I am within the realm which His sceptre sways.

I will fear no evil; I will be strong in the Lord.  Up to the high hills of heaven I will lift my downcast eyes.

Dr. Alexander Smellie

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