February 26.

February 26.


“Ye were called unto the fellowship of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord.” – 1 Cor.i.9.

God has called me into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ my Lord.  What a marvellous koinonia, what a magnificent partnership it is!

There are two sides to it.

Christ has entered into alliance with me.  All that is communicable in Him—His righteousness, His meritoriousness, His grace, His glory, His sweet and untainted holiness here, His sinless and deathless and endless heaven by and by—He makes over to me.  He gives me Himself, to be my Prophet and Priest and King.  The Vine pours its life without stint and without abatement into the branch.  The Head exists for the welfare of the members.  The Lord lavishes His overflowing wealth on me, His little one.

But then, too, I have entered into alliance with Christ.  I have given up my own life, that I may know and share His fuller and nobler life.  His cause is my cause henceforward in its successes and its trials.  His sublime aims are the aims of my soul.  His sufferings I partake in, and His reproach sometimes falls on me.  In the Valley of Humiliation I walk with Him as well as in the Delectable Land.  Whatever touches His honour moves and affects me more than I can tell.  Whatever engages His heart is of supreme interest to my heart too.

We two are so joined—He with me, and I with Him, in this world and in the next.  The thought of it should kindle a rapture of love and ecstasy like that which Pascal could only portray in broken phrases, for it defied full and calm expression—Joie! Joie!  Pleurs! Pleurs!  “Joy! Joy!  Tears! Tears!”

Dr. Alexander Smellie.

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