March 9.

March 9.


What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward me?” – Ps. cxvi. 12.


Religion is nothing if it is not personal.  I must be able to praise God my Saviour.  I myself with my own heart and voice, for His deliverance of me.  To breathe a Christian atmosphere, to live in the midst of godly people, to know intellectually the modes and processes of redemption: these are totally inadequate.  I must love my Lord because He has inclined His ear unto me.

Religion is nothing if it is not grateful.  I ought never to forget where my Redeemer found me—how, when He stooped to bless me, the cords of death and the pains of hell held me fast.  As I get farther away from the moment of my conversion, my sense of indebtedness to Him is apt to become less.  But I must not allow it to do so.  I should recollect perpetually His exceeding grace to the chief of sinners.

Religion is nothing if it is not thorough.  All I have I ought to give to Jesus.  What shall I render? It should be my ever-recurring question; and this should be the answer, “My spirit and soul and body, my time and my money, my opportunity and my influence, my days and my nights.”  I need to be a thousand times more wholehearted and more surrendered than I am.

Personal, grateful, thorough—Lord, let this be the nature of my religion from this day forward.  “We are all ‘heliocentric’ when we stop to think about it,” Professor Freeman said, “but I suspect most of us are ‘geocentric’ in practice.”  I am, I confess with sorrow, earth-bound rather than Sun-captivated and constrained.  “For it is my chief complaint that my love is weak and faint.”

Dr. Alexander Smellie.

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