March 13.

March 13.


“Buy the truth, and sell it not.”—Prov.xxiii.23.

Let me buy the truth at any price—the truth as it is in Jesus Christ.

Perhaps it is my indolence which I must forego to win the truth.  I love my own ease too well.  I am in danger of losing salvation through shallowness and superficiality, because I am not sufficiently in earnest, because I shrink from devoting one honest hour to looking in upon myself and looking out upon my Saviour.  I must say good-bye to the hollow Lotus land.

Perhaps it is my pride which I must part with for the truth’s sake.  It is only when I am emptied of confidence in myself, which I confess that I am a beggar and not a prince, “poor, wretched, blind,” that I am enrolled among the disciples of Jesus.  But it is not easy for my proud spirit to humble itself so very far.

Perhaps it is my love of sin which I must forsake.  A painter who wishes to decorate a panel or a wall must first remove the dust and grime.  And I must put off the old man—must crucify him, kill him, break with him short and sharp—before Jesus will consent to paint His peerless image on me.  He dwells in no soul which still gives house-room and daily bread to a darling lust.

Perhaps there are associations and pursuits which I must abandon for the truth.  Whatever blunts my spiritual hearing, whatever dulls my spiritual vision, whatever may succeed in separating me from Christ—from all such things I must ride away, however much I love them, with an “Adieu for evermore!”

Thus the truth which blesses and saves me has to be bought, even if it is free—free as the sunshine and the rain.

Dr. Alexander Smellie.

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