April 16.

April 16.


“Come ye to the waters; … come, buy wine and milk.” – Isa.lv.1.

In God’s cup of salvation—or salvations, to use a psalmist’s pregnant plural—I discover all that I can crave.  There is no deficiency here and no disappointment.

There is water in it—the water of spiritual life.  I am dying of thirst in the desert—the desert of my sin and guilt.  But He puts the cup to my lips. And I live.  It brings me pardon, the remission of all my transgressions, His own favour and fellowship, the assurance that He is pacified toward me.  It is a new discovery in the divine resources.  It is the dawning of a happy day.

There is milk in it—the milk of spiritual nourishment.  I am frail and powerless, against temptation, against my  besetting and beguiling iniquities, against the world and the flesh and the devil.  But He puts the cup to my lips, and I am strong.  My sanctification is there.  His own Holy Spirit is there.  I am more than a conqueror now.  My weakness, casting itself upon Him, is exchanged for His mightiness.

There is wine in it—the wine of spiritual joy.  I am restless, uneasy, disillusioned, troubled.  My heart has no deep and abiding content.  I wander into fruitless seedbeds of sorrow, with a proud dejectedness and a cheerless weariness.  But He puts the cup to my lips, and I rejoice.  For there is the peace of God here, and the witness of the Holy Ghost, and the victory over the world, and the sure and invincible hope of glory.

Water, milk, wine; and I may have them, now and here, without money and without price.  I am at the source of every gracious thing; and my part is simply to receive my Lord’s largesse, and to say farewell to my hunger and thirst, and to allow Him to satisfy me.

Dr. Alexander Smellie.

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