April 23.

April 23.


“They are not valiant for the truth upon the earth.” – Jer.ix.3.

Let me be true—true in every company and at every moment.  I owe it to myself; what a flaw is in steel, that a falsehood is to my character, a source of weakness, a forfeiture of worth.  I owe it to my neighbour; for society must fall to pieces without truth.  I owe it to my God; He is Light, and He expects sincerity in me.

Let me be true in speech.  Without uttering what is manifestly and flagrantly false, it is so easy for me to give a wrong impression, to err either by excess or by defect, to colour my statements so that things will be seen in misleading lights and in unreal tints and hues.  There are a hundred temptations to exaggerate or to conceal and minimise.  I must guard well my lips.

Let me true in act.  I crave that noble and straightforward consistency which is an attribute of the most fruitful character.  I would have others know where they are sure to find me.  I would be free from fickleness, from unsteadfastness, from instability, from the fear of man which bringeth a snare.  I would follow always the high path of honour and of faith.

Deepest, most momentous of all, let me be true in heart.  Underneath the surface of my life, may I have a soul that hides nothing from itself or from its God, that is transparent and sincere, that does not change in its loyalty to earthly friends, that knows the heavenly Friend in whom it has believed; a soul clear as the crystal and firm as the adamant.

Thou desirest truth, O God, in the inward parts.  Da quod jubes, Domine: give me that which Thous commandest; it is alien to me, it is remote from me, it must be of Thy creating and fostering and perfecting.

Dr. Alexander Smellie.

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