May 22.

May 22.


“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.” – Ps.xxxvii.23.

A man’s goings are established of the Lord, if only the man’s heart is committed to the Lord’s keeping.  Suppose I had to travel for one single hour through a region to which the government of my Father did not extend, I could never emerge from that wilderness; I must die in its desolation.  But it is a baseless fear.

He leads me into the lonely place, into the chamber of study and communion, into the retirement where the world is far away.  There is truth to be appropriated there.  There is comfort to be won.  There is fragrance to be inhaled.  There is strength to be gained.

He leads me into the life of the home.  He asks me in the family, where there are many petty annoyances and many real cares, to witness quietly and lovingly and steadfastly for Him.  Day by day this is the task He apportions me.

He leads me into the battlefield.  The enemy is to be confronted and conquered, in His name and by His power.  Against sin within me and without, I have to fight the good fight of the faith, “quitting not my armour bright” till the long campaign is over at last.

He leads me into the harvesting-ground.  The wheat is ripe.  The harvest is plenteous.  There are souls whom I can influence and win.  There is work which I can accomplish.  There is good that I can do.  I must come home rejoicing, bringing my sheaves with me.
Through rest and labour, through gladness and sorrow, through victory and defeat, through life and death, my steps are ordered by the Lord.  Wherefore, as Chrysostom said when they drove him into his exile, “Glory to God for all events!”

Dr. Alexander Smellie.

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