May 24.

May 24.


“Ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.” – Acts i.8.

The Holy Spirit is the greatest of Christ’s gifts to me.  He is the Wind, that sweeps through me, and brings freshness wherever it comes.  He is the Fire, that melts and warms and cleanses me.  He is the Water, fertilising and refreshing my heart, stimulating all my growth, indispensable to my life.  He is the Dove, gentle, meek, heaven-sent, peace-bringing, imparting benediction and rest to my soul.  I cannot do without the Holy Ghost.

And if I need Him for myself, I need Him for all Christian living and service.  I receive power only after He is come upon me.  Eloquence, genius, perseverance, diligence, scholarship: they are all good, and yet they are worthless without the enduement of the Spirit of God.  His force dwelling in me, speaking and working through me—that is the one potency which will touch and uplift the world.

And how shall I have Him?  I must wait.  I must tarry in Jerusalem.  Yet not in indolence; not in mere passiveness; no, but in expectation and yearning—in silence and meditation and prayer and desire.  If I am to be fit for service, I must be very familiar with the secret place of the Most High, where He will whisper in my ears that which afterwards may be sounded from the housetops.

A waiting soul will, in a little time, be a soul filled with the Holy Spirit.  They said of John Wesley that he was much in the Upper Room.  It was the reason why his faith removed mountains, why his words were sometimes like thunder and sometimes like dew, why God used him to work His miracles of grace.

Dr. Alexander Smellie.

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