June 7

June 7


“We beheld His glory.” – John i. 14.

                We beheld His glory.  I trust I can utter this personal note and witness this good confession.  For, as a saint wrote when the Church was young, Vita hominis visio Dei – it is the vision of God which is the life of man.

                There is the glory of my Prophet.  Who teaches like Jesus?  Not Buddha, nor Socrates, nor Hillel, nor all the princes of philosophy.  He shows me my sin, and then He shows me His salvation.  He tells me of God’s truth, God’s love, God’s sweet and sovereign will.  He unveils the possibilities of my soul, the tasks of my life, the riches of my future.  His words are wonderful.

                There is the glory of my Priest.  Once He offered Himself for me; He laid down His true body and His reasonable soul on the altar of death, both Victor and Victim.  And so He redeemed me.  Now He is my Advocate with the Father, pleading His own fulfilment of all laws.  And God bends always to such reasoning and to such a Reasoner; He cannot say Him Nay.  What a High Priest I have!

                There is the glory of my King.  He rules within my soul; and if, as one has said, there are both a Cain and an Abel there, a demon and an angel, He conquers the demon and seats the angel in the citadel.  That is His microcosm, but He is Prince of a great universe too.  He rules over all men, all circumstances, all events, for my well-being.  He performs in me and for me His own good work.  There is no King so omnipotent as the Lord Sabaoth’s Son.

                I beheld His glory, the glory as of the Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

Dr. Alexander Smellie.


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