OM Training


  1. We believe… training is a God-given responsibility that we have towards all our members.  God has called us both to do His WORK but just as importantly to care for His WORKERS.  Our training program is designed to help us in carrying out the latter responsibility, namely:
    1. To build up God’s servants in their walk with God and their faith in Him (discipling/nurture), and
    2. To help them become increasingly effective in their spiritual ministries (training/equipping).
  2. We believe… the training program needs to enhance and enrich the ministry program.  The impact of an effective training program should be observed and felt both in the person’s motivation and preparedness to serve as well as in the performance of his/her ministries (skills).  Therefore, the needs of the ministry program form the foundation for determining the content of the training program alongside of the needs for on-going character development.
  3. We believe… successful training requires careful and dedicated supervision.  The aims of the supervision of our training program (by training supervisors assisted by country & team leaders) are as follows:
    1. To ensure that all 1-2 year Global Action workers are beneficially involved in the various parts of the program;
    2. To motivate people to participate wholeheartedly and to complete whatever assignments they are given;
    3. To give individual guidance (as deemed necessary) in the attitudinal and practical matters related to their carrying out of training tasks; and
    4. To help each person to grow in their effectiveness in ministry skills, including giving time to make constructive comments on their performance in a particular ministry. 
  4. .We believe… a training program in which various neighbouring fields share and work together ensures that we hold to common goals and experiences, to encourage and help one another develop a quality program and also lessens the burden for each country leader to plan, organise and oversee their own training program.  Therefore, each in-country training supervisor is involved in the preparation and formulation of the training program.

Prepared by Graham Roberts

Director, Missionary Training School
Operation Mobilisation / Central Europe
January 1998

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