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United in Christ by One Lord:
God’s Wisdom on Intermarriage in a Multifaith World

by Graham Roberts

An experienced missionary and international missions trainer:

I read your book through in an afternoon, because it was compelling reading. Excellent stuff. One of the things I liked most was the way that it comes across in a really personal, pastoral, loving way, and that in the middle of that relational feel you are able to say things to people in a beautifully direct way. Extremely helpful. I look forward to recommending this book to people.  Great job!! It was worth all that effort.

An engineer and former missionary in Central Europe:

I loved your book. I think it is very worthwhile to read. Very encouraging, like a father to his son/daughter. 

A wife, mother and Christian worker:

I was so impressed by your kind ways of lovingly saying the truth. It really hit me how important and also how sensitive this topic is. I am glad you wrote this book. I said to my husband: We need this book for our resource material.  I think we can learn a lot from it!

A missionary pastor, serving in the Middle East:

We have received a copy of your book and I have lent it to some people. They found some chapters very relevant and photocopied them for their daughter.

An experienced senior missionary:

I was very impressed with the book. It took me by surprise as I did not realise it was in letter form.  It was just so easy to read and so many people are going to benefit from the book.

A Christian worker, born & raised in former Communist country:

A very BIG thank you for the book. We both love it! You know what, it’s such an easy read and really, really insightful. I think it’s awesome for those who are about to take the plunge and tie the knot. And I don’t think it’s restricted to ONLY cross cultural or mixed marriages but I thought it was great for anyone thinking about marriage.  I haven’t finished reading it all yet, I’m savouring it 🙂  So yeah, a very good read indeed.

A long term theological educator, serving in India:

I’ve been reading your book, and my favourite letter so far is the one to Joanna about marrying Akbar. This is particularly because our helper who is a believer in a Hindu family may end up in a similar situation. I am thinking to have my wife read it and translate it for her when she returns.

A veteran missionary:

Most of all I find this thesis of yours very compelling. A true blessing to see God’s Word applied to these confusing and disturbing decisions made by our young. We will spread the blessing both here and in Indonesia. God, please speed the process for the Indonesian printing.

A home-schooling mother and wife:

Tom and I are in the middle of reading through your book together. We read one chapter at a time, at bedtime, and then discuss it. I like your format – reminds me of Walter Trobisch’s I Loved a Girl or Charlie Shedd’s Letters to Karen. It’s a nicely workable format, with the information and issues presented in digestible nuggets, perfect for this media-oriented generation!

A mother, teacher and experienced evangelism trainer:

In your book, I was so impressed with your portrayal of God’s love and concern for us.  That came across real big to me.  I always like to be assured of that.  Your book made me want to know our great God and Savior better and better.  You have done a great job of helping us to know how important it is to be united in Him when we marry.

A former leader from the Middle East, now an int’l Christian speaker, apologist and writer:

I congratulate you on such an amazing insight into issues of marriage.  I found your book very practical and informative, speaking to the heart of every person from various ethnicities.  The message of the book is so simple and convincing; it is a bold prophetic counseling built upon love and tears of compassion, calling people to renounce their self interests and secret sins, and plan their marriage on the eternal joy. Praise the Lord for your ability to read the heart of problems and offer remedy to the broken hearts.

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