December 2, 1995

December 2, 1995

God’s love for me

Last night in my Scripture reading, I read from Deut.23, v.5 a statement that truly caught my eye and elicited a response in my heart: “… because the LORD your God loves you.”  It has deeply impacted me that God loves me.  The great, high, holy, exalted King – that He loves me personally is a miracle that defies description.

What this means in reality is what hits home so powerfully to me.  Perhaps it is best understood in these terms:

  • a deep affection for me – tenderness, caring
  • a delight in me – as a person, in who I am
  • a desire for me – a longing for fellowship with me leading to a longing to have me with Him
  • a quick forgiving of my sins and weaknesses
  • a deep joy in being with me
  • a “blindness” to many of my faults – being able to see beyond them
  • rooted deeply in an undying commitment to me to keep on loving me without any change, ups and downs – to bring us together in His home
  • always thinking of my good, working to increase my joy and deepen our intimacy
  • speaks to me endearingly, patiently, firmly (when needed), with warnings to prevent a separation and a breakdown in our intimacy
  • acts to guard me from hurting myself through stupid, foolish acts of rebellion and selfishness
  • showers me with wonderful gifts of love and kindness
  • restores me and woos me back to Himself when I have gone off in self-will to do my own thing instead of staying in living fellowship with my Lover

This perfect love was manifested in Jesus’ relationship with His disciples, see John 15:9ff.

It’s right for me to respond to my Lover – not just in deeds though acts of obedience to His commands is one key way I show Him my love but also in my feelings, my words of affection, delight and adoration.

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