January 12, 2000

January 12, 2000


I’m writing this journal entry at OM’s base in Zaventem, Belgium.  Over the past few days in our travels, we’ve been listening to some messages/lectures on “Spiritual Warfare” by Dennis Peacock.  Very helpful.  Yesterday I was really challenged to identify the entry points in my life where the enemy knows me and knows he can get in at these points to wound and weaken me and cause spiritual injury.

The fundamental biblical truth underlying this meditation is that I as a follower of Jesus am responsible:

  1. to know my vulnerabilities (proven from the enemy’s strategies against me),
  2. to tighten or shore up my defenses in each of these areas,
  3. to have planned counter-attacks or defensive actions,
  4. to be continually alert to the enemy’s attacks,
  5. to resist and to stand firm against all satanic onslaughts, even
  6. to get back up when temporarily knocked down.

So this morning in my Quiet Time I have been going through this spiritual exercise.  I came up with the following VULNERABLE POINTS TO SATANIC ATTACKS:

  1. My mind: sexual thoughts, negative thoughts (unbelief, mind-reading, imagining people’s negative thoughts towards myself), inquisitiveness or desire after knowledge
  2. My personality: sensitivity (tendency towards taking things too personally, resentment, unforgiveness, and anger), proneness to fear, openness
  3. My speech: joking, talkativeness, argumentativeness, negative talk about others
  4. My use of money: desire to have/acquire, shopping
  5. My physical weaknesses: allergic condition

Then God directed me to look more carefully at MY RESPONSIBILITIES:

  1. To train or discipline myself: to be godly (1 Tim.4:7), in righteousness according to God’s Word (2 Tim.3:16,17) and to distinguish good from evil (Heb.5:14).
  2. To flee/run from: false teaching, arguments (that stir up jealousy, fighting, slander), discontent with what we have, that God has provided, a desire to be rich, and youthful lusts (see 1 Tim.6:11; 2 Tim.2:22).
  3. To pursue/follow after: righteousness (right living, right actions & behaviour), faith (sound doctrine & teaching, trust in God, dependence upon God, taking steps of faith as in Abraham’s faith), love (in word and deed), godliness (an attitude of piety that desires above all else to please God), peace (peace-maker), patience, perseverance / endurance (in the face of trials and tests), and gentleness (see 1 Tim.6:11 & 2 Tim.2:22 – note that the first three occur in both verses)

I also noted that in most of the above character traits, there is a very close link in Scripture with the work of the Holy Spirit, eg the fruit of the Spirit of love, patience, faith, & gentleness (Gal.5:22,23).  This fact highlights or underscores my need to seek the enabling power of the Holy Spirit for all aspects of this fight against the enemy.

Graham Roberts


OM’s Missionary Training School

Czech Republic


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