June 6, 2002

June 6, 2002

Living before God as Father and King

Over the past days and weeks, I’ve been busy preparing lectures for the M.Div. program for OM India on Theology of the Christian Mission.  I’ve been deeply impacted in my spirit as the powerful truths related to God’s Kingship, God’s Kingdom and God as LORD of the Covenant have been brought home to me.

This morning in my Bible reading, I was reading in 1 Kings 1.  The simple address words of different ones to King David spoke to me.  For example, his wife, Bathsheba, enters David’s presence bowing low before him, addressing him as “my lord” (verse 17).  Again in verse 31 after David makes his vow that Solomon, her son, would succeed him as king, we read “Then Bathsheba bowed low before him again and exclaimed, “May my lord King David live forever!”

This is so absolutely foreign culturally to our western world.  One cannot think of anything more “foreign” to the way of thinking of western, liberated women!

With Bathsheba, love and reverence for her husband do not seem to be in conflict.  And how much more must this describe our relationship with God.  God is the King before we bow in lowly worship.  He is also the One who loves us personally with a deep, passionate, incomparable love.  To be loved by God is to be brought into the inner chamber of His presence, but to receive His call cannot but be responded with amazement and awe as well as adoration if we in truth understand what this means – what it means to be ushered into the holy presence of the King of kings, the Ruler over all, the Creator of all things, the Sovereign LORD.

To understand this will elicit one response: “My Lord, my Lover, my King!  How beautiful You are!  Words cannot describe Your Majesty!  I am unworthy to come before Your holy Presence.  Yet I come confidently because YOU have invited – You have called me to come – and I can come because You have Yourself opened the way through the blood of my Lord Jesus.  I come.  I am Yours – Yours fully and forever!  I give myself to do Your bidding, my Lord, My King.”

May these truths become more and more real in my own relationship with my great God the King, our Lord and Saviour.  Amen!

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