June 25, 2005

June 25, 2005

Jesus in all His beauty

This morning I read Spurgeon’s reading based on Isaiah 40:9 which calls me to ascend higher towards the summit in order to behold the wonder of our Lord Jesus.  I was then led to Isaiah 30:17

17 d Your eyes will behold the king in his beauty;

e they will see a land that stretches afar.1

The Spirit has guided my thoughts, perhaps for the very first time ever, to speak to my Lover, Jesus, as a lover or as the beloved.  How special this time has been as I have told my Kind, my Lover, how beautiful He is to me, how strong and mighty, how rich – and what a privilege it is to be His.  Oh, may I continue to go up higher into the mountains with Him – to be alone with Him, delighting in His company, spending time feasting my eyes upon Him, listening to Him, feeling His loving embraces – resting my head upon His bosom.

How incredible that I can speak about my Lord Jesus with such words – not jealous that He is also the same to all members of His body.  How pure and holy are these thoughts.  How great is our salvation that we can address our Lord Jesus as our holy Bridegroom and we His pure and spotless bride because He has cleansed us from all our sins and has placed on us our beautiful and costly wedding robes so that we are now ready for the great day when we will been ushered into His presence and see and be with our Husband forever.  Lord, please hasten this day.  Our hearts long to see our King in all His beauty, and to behold also His kingdom that stretches far, far into the distance – perhaps into the far reaches of outer space.

“How we praise You, that You have brought us out of the darkness and hopelessness of our own souls, cleansing us through and through, and have clothed us with His righteousness and holiness so that we can enjoy forever being His and being with Him forever. Amen.”

d. ch. 6:5; [Zech. 9:9]
e. [ch. 54:2, 3]
1. The Holy Bible : English standard version. 2001 . Standard Bible Society: Wheaton

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