Christmas: God’s answer to man’s dilemma

Christmas: God’s answer to man’s dilemma

God is Spirit.

God made man and woman in His own image.  We are not the result of random chance.  We have dignity and meaning and purpose because we have been fashioned by God’s hand.

“Made in God’s image” means that at the core of our existence, we are spiritual beings.  We are of far greater value than just what we can do and achieve with our minds and bodies.

In truth when our lives revolve the physical, we live on a subhuman level because God made us to enjoy life on the deepest possible level.

God is also Life.

He gives life.  He is the author of life.

We are alive today and every day because God keeps us alive by breathing life into our physical bodies.

But God who is Spirit and Life longs that we will let Him breathe life into our spirits.  This is our greatest human need.  Though we may be tuned into man’s physical realm, we are tuned out of God’s spiritual realm.

We cannot and will not enjoy life in all its rich potential until God breathes life into our spirits.

God’s answer to this, our greatest human dilemma, was by entering our physical world as a human being.  His name was Jesus – a man fully human, yet fully God.

Jesus’ birth is a great miracle – God becoming man so that he might make us alive at the very core of our beings – alive spiritually.

If Jesus’ birth was a miracle, his death was even a greater miracle because through it God provided the way for us to come alive spiritually, forever.  He completed his plan through Jesus’ death in order to break the grip of death over us, and then through raising him as conqueror over death – for us.

Sooner or later we know we will all die.  But we may even now come alive spiritually.  Then when we die physically, we will not enter “nothingness” but enter into the highest realm of life – with God.

Christmas is about God sending Jesus into our physical world so that we might come alive spiritually – here and now, and in the world to come.

Christmas is about God giving us the gift that we most need – the gift of life.

Christmas is about receiving this gift of life – humbly, acknowledging our dire need for it, thankfully, realising our powerlessness to do anything to deserve it.

May you experience and enjoy the greatest Christmas gift and joy imaginable.

Graham M. Roberts, Sydney, Christmas 2009

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